Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Aliens on Vacation

I couldn't resist this book once I'd heard the premise: Scrub (aka Dave) is forced to visit his eccentric grandmother in Washington, only to discover that she runs a secret intergalactic hotel, and her guests are aliens looking for a primitive, backwater world as a vacation spot. His grandmother needs some help around the hotel - it's a tough place to run all by herself, but secrecy must be maintained, or the intergalactic B&B organization will shut her down. Scrub is happy to help - it's a fascinating place, after all, but trying to keep things secret is incredibly difficult. There's the town sheriff, who is suspicious and hostile, and a very pretty, very nice girl who is way too interested in aliens for Scrub's peace of mind.

This is a funny, sweet story that should appeal to both boys and girls.  Scrub is an easy kid to like, and he tells the story in an accessible, entertaining way.  I did have some trouble suspending my disbelief throughout the course of the book, but I doubt most young readers will share my reservations.  The story is exciting and suspenseful and dishes out a few fun surprises.  I'm not sure I feel the need to continue with this series myself, but I will certainly be recommending it to young readers at my library.

Books in the Intergalactic Bed and Breakfast series:
1. Aliens on Vacation
2. Aliens on a Rampage

Aliens on Vacation (#1 in the Intergalactic Bed and Breakfast series) by Clete Barrett Smith; narrated by Joshua Swanson (Brilliance Audio, 2011)


  1. I felt much the same--that it had tons of kid appeal, but I wasn't going urge the grown up readers of my blog to read it for their own sakes! That being said, I'm glad to know there's a sequel, and I'll doubtless be reading it for my own enjoyment!

  2. Charlotte - I'd originally gotten the audio book to listen to with my kids in the car - but now that the older one is in middle school and takes the bus, we rarely get to ride in the car together, so I just listened to it myself. I agree about the kid appeal, and I've recommended it to them when they have a chance. Too much homework! But at least they are reading great books at school, so I really can't complain. :-)


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