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Cast in Fury

This is the fourth book in Michelle Sagara's Chronicles of Elantra series, and it did not disappoint.  Our heroine is Kaylin Neya, and she's certainly come a long way since Cast in Shadowthe first book of the series.

This installment has two main plot strands.  In the first, Kaylin and her friend and partner Severn are called to work with a playwright.  He is a grumpy, temperamental artistic genius, and he has been commissioned by the dragon emperor to write a play about the events that concluded the previous book, Cast in Secret, in order to sway public opinion and diffuse a potentially violent situation

The Tha'alani, a telepathic race that used to terrify Kaylin, are misunderstood, and the majority of the human population of the city suspect the Tha'alani caused the devastating tidal wave that nearly destroyed the city - when in reality they are the ones who saved the city from destruction.  The playwright is clueless about the Tha'alani, and the play he has written is ignorant and insulting to their race.  In short, the situation is a diplomatic nightmare, and violence against the peaceful Tha'alani is brewing.  Kaylin, the most undiplomatic person possibly in the entire city, is supposed to work with the playwright to sway public opinion in the Tha'alani's favor.

The second plot strand involves Marcus, a member of the lion-like Leontine race.  He is not only Kaylin's sergeant, but the closest thing to a father that the orphaned woman has known.  He is accused of murder, and when he does not refute the charges, Kaylin has to investigate the matter and unearths a complex web of danger and deceit.

One of the reasons I love this series so much is that it is so different from the other fantasy series that are out there.  Instead of relying on the same old, same old vampires, werewolves and fairies, Sagara has created a world with distinct races with complicated, believable and fascinating cultural differences that truly define each race.  These differences are inextricable from the way the plot unfolds and the characters interact, and that makes for some compelling and entertaining reading.  Because of the complexity and the overarching plot that continues from book to book, it is crucial to read this series from the beginning, in order - and even then, the books can be a bit confusing at times.  Confusing in a good way, though - a way that makes me think and rethink events in the series from time to time and consider them in a new light.  Great worldbuilding, sympathetic characters, and plots that twist and turn and surprise - these are all elements that combine to make this one of my favorite fantasy series.

Books in the Chronicles of Elantra series:
1. Cast in Shadow 
2. Cast in Courtlight 
3. Cast in Secret 
4. Cast in Fury 
5. Cast in Silence 
6. Cast in Chaos 
7. Cast in Ruin

Cast in Fury  (#4 in the Chronicles of Elantra series) by Michelle Sagara (Luna, 2008)

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  1. I had no idea this series had became so long. I think I have the first book on my TBR pile somewhere...

  2. Kailana - I'm going through it faster than I typically would because it is pretty complicated, and I'm afraid I'll forget what's going on and have to start all over again. Not that that would be such a chore, but I have so many books I'm hoping to read as it is! I think you'll enjoy it.

  3. I will sadly admit that I didn't finish Cast in Chaos at all. I gave up after trying to read it THREE times. I stopped somewhere in the 100s. I just couldn't go on, it was extra vague and Kaylin was annoying and nothing seemed any different in character development. I was disappointed by Cast in Silence, but held hope that Chaos would turn it around. Sadly, no.

    I don't like not completing series because of the closure, but I do not see myself picking up Cast in Ruin at any point in my future. :(

    I will be very curious as to what you think of the next two books though. I know my husband also gave up on the series after Chaos, but he actually finished the book. He's a better man than I. ;)

  4. Cat - Oh, nooooo! Say it isn't so! I will lower my expectations a bit and hope for the best. I'll let you know how it goes.


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