Thursday, January 26, 2012

Succubus on Top

I started this series last year and enjoyed the first one enough to continue with this second book.  Our heroine is a succubus, as the title suggests, and while she would appear to be working for the dark side, she has quite a few redeeming qualities.  In fact, one aspect of this series that I'm enjoying is the shades of gray, rather than the blanket, superficial good-vs-evil plot line that is more usual in these kinds of books.  Not that there isn't a good-vs-evil plot here, but it's a bit more thoughtful than that.

In this second installment, independent-bookstore clerk (succubi need day jobs, too) Georgina notices that one of her coworkers is behaving oddly.  At first she chalks it up to the general weirdness of young mortal men, but soon it becomes clear that he is caught in a self-destructive spiral, along with the members of his suddenly successful band.  The more Georgina looks into the matter, the more she suspects there is a supernatural reason for the situation.  At the same time, her life has become complicated by her relationship with Seth, the shy but devastatingly handsome author she met in the first book.  Because she is a succubus, she runs the risk of draining his life force, so she cannot act on her feelings for him.  But why do those feelings have to be so strong?

This is a fun supernatural mystery, one of my favorite genres, with interesting characters and a nice mixture of the ongoing personal lives of the characters and the supernatural mystery at hand.  I am always skeptical about starting a new series in this genre, but with this second book, I'm officially in.

Books in the Georgina Kincaid series:
1. Succubus Blues
2. Succubus on Top (aka Succubus Nights)
3. Succubus Dreams
4. Succubus Heat
5. Succubus Shadows
6. Succubus Revealed

Succubus on Top (#2 in the Georgina Kincaid series) by Richelle Mead (Kensington Books 2008)

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