Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Shakespeare's Christmas

In this third book in Charlaine Harris's Lily Bard series, Lily goes home for Christmas - and to be in her sister's wedding.  Going back home packs an emotional wallop for her, because she left town years earlier in the wake of a vicious physical assault that nearly left her dead.  She hates the idea of being pitied by the people she's known all her life, and she's changed a lot since she left.  She has become much more private, and she's also become skilled at martial arts, determined to never become a victim again.

This is my favorite sort of mystery, where the personal elements in the characters' lives are important to the story, to the mystery at hand, but are also fascinating in and of themselves.  I've grown very attached to Lily during the course of this series.  She is an admirable woman with plenty of faults, but she tries to face her issues and never backs away from doing the right thing, even if it's at personal risk to her.  This kind of mystery has more resonance because of its connection to the emotional lives of the characters, and I found it just as gripping as the previous two.  I look forward to spending more time with Lily and her family and friends in future books.

Books in the Lily Bard (Shakespeare) series:
1. Shakespeare's Landlord
2. Shakespeare's Champion
3. Shakespeare's Christmas
4. Shakespeare's Trollop
5. Shakespeare's Counselor

Shakespeare's Christmas (#3 in the Lily Bard series) by Charlaine Harris (Berkley Prime Crime, 2009)

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