Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fair Game

I like the Alpha and Omega series, really I do.  But I love the Mercy Thompson series, so that when an Alpha and Omega novel comes out, I can't help feeling disappointed that it's not a Mercy novel. So I suppose it says something about Briggs' storytelling skills that even though I go into it whining that I want more of Mercy, I end up getting sucked into the story and thoroughly enjoying it.

In this third installment of the series, the FBI are investigating a series of murders, and they have requested the pack's help.  Anna is concerned about Charles because his job as the pack's enforcer is getting under his skin in a way that no one seems to notice but her.  Their presence on the investigative scene enables Charles to use his skills in a more constructive way, while giving Anna some insight into the ghosts from Charles's past that are coming between them.

As a mystery story, I found it lacking in the complexity I have come to expect from Briggs' novels.  I pegged the perpetrator pretty much from the moment the character was introduced, and I also found some of the plot elements just a bit contrived.  But I enjoyed the way in which the mystery enabled Anna and Charles to work out some of their own issues, and it worked great as a backdrop for the further exploration of their complicated relationship.

I still prefer the Mercy series, but this one does have its charms.  I will certainly be looking forward to continuing with the series.

Books in the Alpha and Omega series:

3. Fair Game

 Fair Game (#3 in the Alpha and Omega series) by Patricia Briggs (Ace Books, 2012)

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