Sunday, June 10, 2012

Some Girls Bite

I have been away, and it's taken me a long time to catch up with things since I got back.  I am so pathetically behind in reviews that I am going to make an effort to catch up with a series of short reviews (which are the hardest for me to write, because I have stuff to say, you know?) and post more often.  Here is the first:

Merit is a graduate student, happily immersed in her studies, enjoying a quiet life.  But when she is attacked one night by a rogue vampire - and her life is saved but a different vampire - everything changes.  She was saved at the cost of her life - her old life.  Now Merit is a vampire, whether she wants to be or not (and she doesn't), and she finds herself in a world of crucial alliances and vampire politics.  She's not too keen on the hierarchic vampire system, and she doesn't feel at all comfortable declaring her allegiance to the admittedly handsome but ancient and overbearing vampire who saved her life.    It appears that someone is out to get her, though, and without the backup of that vampires house, Merit may find herself in over her head.

My blogging friend Cat over at Beyond Books has been reviewing books from this series for ages, and each time she posts one, I write a comment that I really need to get to this series, particularly because she's not a huge vampire fan.  So when a series like this holds her attention, it's got to be good.  I enjoyed this, although I didn't find a whole lot to set it apart from other similar books, I understand from her reviews that the books get better and better.  I enjoyed the writing, and I found Merit to be an engaging character that I would be happy to spend some more time with.  There book ends with a fairly satisfying conclusion, but there are lots of open story threads that are sure to be explored in future installments.

Some Girls Bite (#1 in the Chicagoland Vampires series) by Chloe Neill (New American Library, 2009)

Books in the Chicagoland Vampire series:
1. Some Girls Bite
2. Friday Night Bites
3. Twice Bitten
4. Hard Bitten
5. Drink Deep
6. Biting Cold
7. House Rules
8. Biting Bad (2013)


  1. So happy you finally got to this series! I consider it my Jaz Parks series, since I know you like that one a lot and I didn't like the first book all that much.

    My UK edition of Biting Cold should be arriving soon. I can't wait! If you can get these from the library, I'd tell you to stick it out for a few more books. ;)

    1. Yes, I'm glad I finally got to this series, too! Of course I'll stick it out for a few books - it's only fair to give the early books in a series some leeway. I'm just glad to see you still enjoying them, so I know I have some good reads in my future!

  2. I have had my eyes on this series for a while, but have yet to read anything in it. One day!

    1. Well, I'll just have to do like Cat did for me - I'll keep reviewing as I read, and if they're as good as she says, you'll crack in no time. :-)


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