Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sucks to Be Me

Sixteen-year-old Mina has a huge decision to make.  Her parents, who are vampires, have hidden her existence from the vampire community - it's not exactly legal for them to have a living child.  They were turned into vampires when Mina was just a baby, and they couldn't bear to part with her, so their transgression, Mina supposes, is understandable.  But now that the vampire council has become aware of Mina's existence, she needs to decide whether or not she wants to join the ranks of the undead, in which case she can stay with her parents, or if she wants to stay human, in which case she'll lose her parents - and all memory of them.

The story is told from Mina's humorous, snarky point of view, and while the premise really never felt  at all believable to this reader, Mina is charming enough that I couldn't bring myself to care.  She includes lots of fun lists in her narration, including "Why It Sucks to Have Parents Who Are Vampires," along with vampire myths and truths that are sure to enlighten readers.

This is a fun, light read, fast-paced and humorous, that is likely to engage even reluctant readers.  I know I'll be recommending it to teens at my library, and I look forward to finding out what happens in the sequel.  I won't let on what she decides, but I was glad that there are no cliffhangers here; Mina does make her decision by the end of the book.

Books in the the All-true Confessions of Mina Smith, Teen Vampire series:

1. Sucks to Be Me
2. Still Sucks to Be Me

Sucks to Be Me (#1 in the All-True Confessions of Mina Smith, Teen Vampire series) by Kimberly Pauley (Wizards of the Coast Publishing, 2010)

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Confessions of a Bibliovore:  "Light-hearted and sweet-natured, this book is a sure hit with those kids that prefer laughs over angst with their blood-suckers."
Em's Bookshelf"It was a quick, easy read and, though the characters were somewhat two-dimensional, it was still a good read."
Love Vampires:  "There is no vampire angst in this story - in fact the vampires themselves are slightly dull. This isn't a bad thing (and it's not often you'll hear me say that!) so don't let it put you off the book. "

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