Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Perfect Blood

In this installment of the Hollows series, there is a series of ritual murders that has local law enforcement baffled.  Rachel is called to the scene, and she quickly discovers that with each murder, the perpetrators are getting closer to generating demon blood, which they will use to destroy the supernatural beings that populate their world. Rachel's own blood is the key to the success of their plan, so the challenge for her is to stop the hate group without putting herself within their reach.

It's always fun to return to the world of The Hollows and revisit beloved characters in one of my favorite series.  We are now up to book ten, and I was pleased to see that the intrigue and drama are still going strong - and most important (to this reader), the characters and their relationships with each other continue to develop in new and interesting ways. This particular aspect of the series, combined with an intriguing mystery at the center of each book, creates a fresh and gripping tale every time.

Books in the Hollows series:
10. A Perfect Blood

A Perfect Blood (#10 in The Hollows series) by Kim Harrison (Harper Voyager, 2012)

Also reviewed at:
Amberkatze's Book Blog: "This series is still on my reading list but it is starting to get old. I like catching up with the Hollows gossip but somewhere along the way things have gotten complicated and monotonous."
Musings of a Bookworm "I have had this book a while a little scared to read it as most of the series I have read get to book 10 and bomb. How relieved was I to start reading this one and find I am back with old friends who are as strong and brilliant as ever. "
A Wandering Weyrcat:  "It's a great piece of writing. There are juuuust enough threads to leave me with the sense of "omgosh.. what's going to happen with THAT next time?" and I love it!!"

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