Friday, September 21, 2012

The Liar Society

Feisty, pink-haired Kate is still reeling from the death of her best friend Grace, but she's trying to pull her life together. Then she receives an email purportedly from Grace, and it becomes clear to her that Grace's death wasn't the tragic accident everyone believes it to be.  So Kate determines to discover the truth of it once and for all, but soon she finds herself in danger of suffering the same fate as her friend.

I checked this one out from my library's digital media catalog without knowing much about it. I think I was expecting a supernatural mystery, but there were no actual ghosts or otherworldly elements. I found Kate's voice to be engaging enough, but I never really connected with her - I found her attitude to be rather alienating, actually, particularly the way she treats the boy who has a mad crush on her.

This novel should appeal to teens who enjoy conspiracy novels, private school stories, and mysteries. The setting is evocative, particularly the secret parts of the campus, and the twisting and turning plot is sure to keep readers guessing. I found it entertaining, but don't feel the need to continue reading the series.

The Liar Society by Lisa and Laura Roecker (Sourcebooks Fire, 2011)

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Proud Book Nerd: "This book sounds so exciting. But it’s not. And I really didn’t like Kate’s voice. I don’t know what it is, but it just annoyed me quite a bit."
Small Review: " I didn't like a book that everyone else adores. I really wanted to like this book but unfortunately every area fell flat for me."
The Story Siren:  "The story itself was a big guessing game. Whenever I thought I had something figured out, I didn’t. And the ending totally threw me for a loop."


  1. Random fact: Not a fan of real photographs as book covers

    1. Yay! You left a comment! I totally agree. Photos seem too concrete to me - they don't let me imagine my version of a character, whereas an artist's rendition is just that - their version, and I can take it or leave it. More and more books (YA in particular) have gone from that photo with the face cut off to a full photo. I wish they'd go back to artwork!


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