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Teenage Lottie Brook gets busted for using a fake ID in an attempt to get into a popular London night club. Her punishment: to spend the entire summer at her grandparents' ultra-boring golf resort in England's Lake District - working at the pro shop. She is not happy to be there, although she is fond of her grandparents, particularly her grandfather, whom she compares to "a character from and Evelyn Waugh novel, but he's a sweetheart really - like Indiana Jones with sciatica and a walrus mustache."

She meets a cute boy that she kind of likes and kind of doesn't, and stumbles across a mystery that leads her in some very unexpected directions.

There were things I really enjoyed about this graphic novel: the artwork, for one.  It's appealing and quirky, just like the characters, and while I didn't always care for Lottie's attitude, she is a strong female who knows her own mind.  She isn't out to make herself happy by finding her one true love; she's going to make herself happy, and that's refreshing.  I had a little trouble, though, with the over-the-top ending that turned the story into a strange Scooby-Doo-ish kind of tale, to the point where all the characterization from the beginning of the story got thrown out the window.  It was still kind of fun, but in the end I found I couldn't take any of it very seriously.  Still, I'd say the book has great appeal for teens, and with its strong heroine and bizarre storyline, it certainly stays interesting.

Clubbing by Andi Watson; illustrated by Josh Howard (Minx, 2007)

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Readaraptor:  "I loved the characters, they were, well, fun. It took me about 45 minutes from start to finish but it was lacking in the storyline department."
Reading Nook: "This was certainly an interesting read. Not what I was expecting at all. The ending was a bit over-the-top outrageous!"
Wandering Librarians: "I think what I love most about this book is the fact it's not about some girl trying to fit in, discover herself, or find love. It's about someone who likes to stand out, staying exactly who she is, and doesn't end up with anyone. Excellent."

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  1. Looks gothic and a bit adult themed. But young adults will find it interesting though. Drawings remind me of the amenities in subic club.


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