Sunday, October 21, 2012

Confessions of a Blabbermouth

I've been enjoying the Minx graphic novel titles that I've read so far, and this one is no exception.  It is too bad that the line has been discontinued - I only discovered them after the fact, and my teen/preteen daughters pick them up and read them as soon as the books come into the house, and they've been a pretty big hit.

This one was an interesting one - it starts out fairly comedic with an exaggerated, artistic style to match the mood. Our heroine is British high-school blogger Tasha, whose mother has a new boyfriend.  Tasha is sick and tired of her mother's boyfriends, and this new one, Jed, is the worst.  Not only does he come with a stuck-up daughter who is now attending Tasha's school, but soon he is criticizing, scolding and lecturing her as if he were actually her father.  Which he most certainly is not. Before she knows what's happened, the two families are taking a trip together to the U.S., and as Tasha comes to know her mother's boyfriend's daughter better, and maybe to even actually like her, she begins to suspect that Jed harbors a pretty nasty secret.

The playful tone of this one veers into some pretty serious, dark territory, but in the end things work out fairly well, and Tasha certainly isn't the same person she was in he beginning of the book (this seems to be a fairly common situation among these Minx titles, and it's certainly not a bad one, in my opinion).  This one isn't my favorite of the ones I've read so far (I think that would have to be Re-Gifters  and Plain Janes, which I haven't reviewed yet), but it's definitely worth reading.

Here are the other Minx books I've reviewed so far:

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Confessions of a Blabbermouth by Mike & Louise Carey; illustrated by Aaron Alexovich (Minx, 2007)

Also reviewed at:
Boston Bibliophile: "I liked Tasha but the plot was a muddle- there's the yearbook, the blog, the bullies, the boyfriend, the secret- too much going on in too short a space."
Girl Detective: "Tasha is funny and likable  The art is manga-influenced, and suits the frenetic pace and mood of the book."

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