Monday, October 29, 2012

My other obsession

Anyone who reads my blog will know that I am obsessed with books - no real surprise there.  Anyone who knows me in "real" life is doubtless tired of hearing me talk about tennis - my other obsession - because I can go on and on about it the same way I do about books!  In fact, my tennis buddy - who took this amazing photo of the beautiful court we're lucky enough to play on several times a week - and I have pretty much distilled the elements of tennis into a very useful metaphor for just about everything that matters in life.

When days go by without a post on my blog, this is where I am - not just working on my strokes and that elusive, frustrating serve that always seems just out of reach - but talking about books and movies, science and philosophy. And of course whacking the heck out of the tennis ball. My version of meditation and clearing my mind of clutter.  Nothing better!  Meanwhile foxes trot by the fence, groundhogs putter about in the nearby field, and bald eagles soar overhead. We even got to see the space shuttle go by one morning, piggy-bagged on an airplane on its way out to the Smithsonian.  How cool is that?

So as I sit here, warm and dry inside, waiting for the winds to rise and the predicted monster storm to hit the East Coast, I'm feeling pretty darned lucky. No tennis today, sadly, but that's okay. I have a whole stack of books right here.  Life is pretty sweet.

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