Sunday, November 25, 2012


The thing I love most about Raina Telgemeier's graphic novels isn't the lively artwork or the compelling stories. It's not the characters that I come to care about almost immediately. And it's not the way they make me laugh out loud as I read them.  I do love all these things, but what  I love the very most is their immense appeal to kids. I've never seen anything like it!

When I brought home Smile from the library, first one daughter whisked it off and read it, and before I could get my hands on it, my other daughter grabbed it and carried it off.  I nearly lost it to one of their friends, who came over to the house when I was in the middle of reading it, and when I finished, it was loaned out to several other girls before I was able to take it back to the library.

The same thing happened with this one!  They both read it (and loved it) before I could even take a look at it. I loved hearing them laugh as they read it, particularly my 13-year-old, who was immensely tickled by the humor and giggled the whole way through, sometimes stopping and covering her face with her hands. It has been loaned out to at least seven other girls who begged to borrow it when they saw one of my daughters reading it at school. As a librarian (and a parent), I adore an author who can get kids that excited about a book.

So anyway, this one is a fictional story set in middle school, about a girl named Callie who does set design at her school, and is now working on the school production of Moon over Mississippi.  She has big ideas and not much money to work with, but she has the support of her friends (most of the time, anyway), and her enthusiasm to help carry her through.  The "drama" in the title refers to the stage production, of course, but also to all the drama that is going on in the students' lives: jealously competition, romance, disappointment - all these things and more play out in the bright pages of this delightful graphic novel. Highly recommended.

Drama by Raina Telgemeier (Graphix, 2012)


  1. How wonderful! I will have to check this author out at some point.

  2. If you like graphic novels, you'll enjoy this one. And also the autobiographical one, Smile, is wonderful, too!

  3. I read this just the other day and couldn't stop smiling. Also, I need to pick up Smile already! (Bad pun totally not intended :P)

  4. Oh, this looks so wonderful. I haven't read Smile yet either, but I've had it recommended to me by lots of kids. Perhaps I can get the new after school book club to read Telegmeier, wouldn't that be fun?


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