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In this fifth book of Meg Cabot's Mediator series, the many different plot elements that have been developing in previous books come together and give Suze major problems to deal with on just about every front of her life.

Suze is a Mediator - someone who helps the dead transition to the other side when, for some reason, they cannot (or do not wish to) move on. Since moving to California to be with her new step-family after her mother remarried a man with three boys, Suze has met another Mediator (the priest who runs her school) and has somehow managed to fall in love with the ghost of Jesse, the incredibly handsome guy who has been haunting her bedroom. In the previous book she met Paul, a guy her own age who is a Mediator, too - but who knows a lot more about their abilities than she does. For instance, he knows how to send Jesse away for good. But his motives are unclear, as is the truth of what he is telling Suze.

I enjoyed the way this book weaves together the many plot strands that have been developing through the course of the series in preparation for the sixth book, which I expect will be the grand finale. It explores Suze's developing relationships with her step-brothers, moves things forward with Jesse, reveals more tantalizing facts about her abilities, and pushes her toward the point where she is going to have be make some important choices. I liked that the climax of the book involved a supernatural issue but was all mixed up with regular, everyday teen issues, which made it funny and relevant. I'm looking forward (with slightly mixed feelings) to the final book of this series.

Books in the Mediator series:
1. Shadowland  (Love You to Death)
2. Ninth Key  (High Stakes)
3. Reunion  (Mean Spirits)
4. Darkest Hour  (Young Blood)
5. Haunted  (Grave Doubts)
6. Twilight  (Heaven Sent)

Haunted (#6 in the Mediator series) by Meg Cabot (aka Jenny Carroll) Harper Collins, 2003

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