Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thorn Queen

I've been enjoying Richelle Mead's Succubus Blues series this year, and it occurred to me that I'd inadvertently let her Dark Swan series fall by the wayside.  The first one hadn't knocked my socks off, but it had been a promising start, so I checked this second one out from my library.

Unavoidable series spoilers ahead - so you may want to stop reading here and read my review of the first book, Storm Borninstead.

The end of the first book left our heroine, shaman Eugenie, discovering that because she'd killed the bad guy, she is now the queen of her very own land in Faerie.  She isn't happy about this, however, and spends just about the entire book whining about it, lying about it, refusing to take responsibility, and definitely hiding her head in the sand as far as learning more about her powers and what she can do to protect the people that she doesn't want to take the responsibility for.

I felt very impatient with her throughout the course of the book, and I kept waiting for her to get a clue, but she mostly didn't. I didn't like the cavalier way she treated people, particularly her own sister. She basically reacted to events of the book, rather than being strong and proactive, and by the end she'd totally lost my sympathy. This is the last book of this series I'll be reading - there are too many ones I love and don't have enough time to get to.

Thorn Queen (#2 in the Dark Swan series) by Richelle Mead (Zebra, 2009)

Books in the Dark Swan series:

1. Storm Born
2. Thorn Queen
3. Iron Crowned
4. Shadow Heir


  1. I must say, I love it when you get me on to new series; but I apparently also love it when you save me the pain of reading a book I can tell would make me crabby. Whiny, reactive, unsympathetic heroines are not really my thing. Thanks for the warning!

  2. Thanks, Kiirstin! It made me a bit crabby, so I'm glad to save you from the same. :-) This series is awfully popular, though, so it must work fine for a lot of readers.


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