Saturday, December 1, 2012

Dead is a State of Mind

In this second book of the "Dead Is" series, our heroine, Daisy Giordano, has begun to come to terms with her psychic powers that manifested in the first book. She feels a little put out when a very handsome new boy, Duke Sherrad, arrives at school, a guy who claims to be a fortune teller.  She thinks it's just because there's something kind of odd about him, but she has to admit that maybe she doesn't like the way he's stealing the spotlight.  But no, she's sure he must be a fake - but then a prediction he's made comes true, and a teacher ends up dying.

Duke makes it clear that he is attracted to Daisy, but she doesn't care because she has a boyfriend already.  But Ryan has been so distant lately, and everyone seems to have a date to the upcoming dance except Daisy.  She thinks Ryan still likes her - but he keeps leaving her in the lurch.

I read the first book in this series just long enough ago that the events were a bit foggy in my mind.  Most of it came back to me as I read, though, and I was soon caught up in Daisy's latest drama.  I can see that this series would have a lot of appeal to teens who enjoy supernatural mysteries with a bit of teen angst and romance. My main complaint is that a large part of the plot of this particular novel hinges on characters keeping vital information (for no really good reason) from Daisy. I hate when that is used as a plot device - particularly when it was so clear to me what was going on, yet Daisy was entirely clueless.  Still it is a fun read, and I know I'll be recommending the series to teens at my library.

Books in the Dead Is series:
1. Dead Is the New Black
2. Dead Is a State of Mind
3. Dead Is So Last Year
4. Dead Is Just a Rumor
5. Dead Is Not an Option
6. Dead Is a Killer Time

Dead is a State of Mind (#2 in the Dead Is series) by Marlene Perez (Graphia, 2009)

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