Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Fury's Kiss by Karen Chance

I'm always pleased when a new book by Karen Chance is published, but when it's a Dorina Basarab book, I admit I'm a teeny bit disappointed that it's not a Cassie Palmer one. This book, however, really won me over to this series, and now I think I'd have a tough time choosing between the two.

Both series are set in the same fictional world, so the fun part is that with either series, some of my favorite characters are there. Both series are definitely best read in order - but you can read one and not the other without missing out on important things. I'd advise reading both, though!

Dory, the heroine of this series, is a dhampir, a cross between a human and a vampire. Normally such beings are killed at birth because they have a tendency toward homicidal insanity. Dory was allowed to survive, and while she does have psychological issues, she manages to control them, for the most part. In this installment of the series, there is a mystery/thriller element (Dory must try to diffuse a supernatural terrorist plot) as well as a more personal one, as elements of Dory's mental issues are explored. There's romance as well, not to mention Chance's sublime sense of humor, which never fails to make me laugh out loud along the way.

Chance knows how to tell a story, and I enjoy myself every step of the way. The action scenes can be a little bit drawn out, and I find myself skimming there a bit, but the characters are a joy to read. Dory is tough, yes, but she's not as tough as she lets on, and she is endearingly honest with herself. She has lived a long time, but she still has a lot to learn, and there was some very interesting and rewarding character development and growth going on here. The mystery was a good one, too, and the ending felt just perfect. I look forward to reading more books by Chance - in either series, or a completely new one. It's all good! Fans of Rardin's Jaz Parks books, Kim Harrison and Patricia Briggs should definitely give Karen Chance a try.

Books in the Dorina Basarab series: 
1. Midnight's Daughter
2. Death's Mistress
3. Fury's Kiss

Fury's Kiss (#3 in the Dorina Basarab series) by Karen Chance (New American Library, 2012)

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  1. I loved it! But I sooo want another Cassie Palmer. I'm about THIS close to reread the series for the fourth time. I need it! :P
    But seriously, this one was really good - you really got under the skin on more than one character.
    And, without being too revealing - do you think that the woman, who comes in the room, in the near end is a certain someone in the other series? I certainly hope so! (You don't have to understand what I mean, I barely do it, most of the time) :-)

  2. Denise - It's a wonderful series, isn't it?! I know exactly what you mean - I was wondering the same thing myself. Maybe there will be a crossover moment in the next Cassie book? I hope it comes out soon! Have you read the Jaz Parks books? I think you'd love them since you enjoy this series so much. It has that same mixture of quirky characters, humor, romance and adventure.

  3. I have heard of this series, but I haven't tried her yet. One day!


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