Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ever After

This is one of those series where so much happens from book to book  - not just in the lives of the characters, but throughout the major and minor story arcs - that readers absolutely must start reading with the first book (Dead Witch Walking) in order to truly understand and enjoy the story. Spoilers are therefore inevitable when reviewing subsequent books, but I will strive to be as vague as possible.

In this installment, babies suffering from the same (typically fatal) virus that Rachel had as a child have been kidnapped by a deranged demon in a twisted scheme that leaves the ley lines in a shambles and Rachel scrambling to retrieve the babies, restore the ever after, and save herself and the people she cares about. Much action, adventure, mayhem, and even a little romance ensues. As always, fun, fun, fun! Plus it's always fantastic to revisit favorite characters - even though, once again, Rachel Morgan's world is proven to be a very dangerous place, and beloved characters are never, ever to be considered safe from harm.  Sigh.

Books in the Hollows series:
1. Dead Witch Walking
2. The Good, the Bad, and the Undead 
3. Every Which Way but Dead
A Fistful of Charms
For a Few Demons More
6. The Outlaw Demon Wails
7. White Witch, Black Curse

8. Black Magic Sanction
9. Pale Demon
10. A Perfect Blood 
11. Ever After

Ever After (#11 in the Hollows series) by Kim Harrison (Harper Voyager, 2013)

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