Monday, April 29, 2013

Earthling! (Graphic Novel) by Mark Fearing

Bud has just moved to New Mexico with his father, who is working at a radio telescope lab out in the desert. When it comes time for Bud to go to school, he stands outside in a sudden deluge, and when the bus pulls up, he hops right on. Only it turns out he isn't on the school bus after all - he's on a space bus, with a bunch of aliens all headed to Cosmos Academy - on the other side of the galaxy.

He makes friends with one of the kids on the space bus, and is dismayed to learn that Earthlings are the most feared and dreaded species in the entire galaxy, and because of that, Earth is a strictly off-limits planet. It was a fluke, a total accident, that the space bus even showed up there in the first place.  How will he ever be able to get back home, if no space ships ever go to Earth? And what if one of the teachers discovers that he's an Earthling?

This is a funny and clever science fiction tale that will have readers turning the pages as fast as they can. It is action packed, funny, and full of adventure, but it also spends some time developing the characters into people that readers will come to care about. The full-color illustrations work perfectly with the text, and I can't wait to see what Mark Fearing will come up with next.

Earthling! by Mark Fearing (Chronicle Books 2012)

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