Sunday, April 21, 2013

"Eternity in Death" (short story) by J. D. Robb

I was interested to see that the anthology in which this Eve Dallas story appears, Dead of Night, contained "four all-new paranormal stories." The Eve Dallas series is definitely not paranormal; it's a futuristic mystery series set in New York City. How, I wondered, was the paranormal going to fit in?

It turned out to be a fun read. A wealthy young celebrity is found dead in her luxurious Manhattan apartment, completely drained of blood and with two holes in her neck. It looks to everyone as though the victim has been attacked by a vampire, but the ever practical detective Eve Dallas won't have any of that nonsense. She sets out to find the killer in her usual tenacious style, but along the way even she will find a few things to send a shiver creeping down her spine...

I continue to enjoy this series, and now that I know about the short stories and where they fit in (thank you, Fantastic Fiction!), I can catch up on the ones I missed and read the rest in order. I hate reading things out of order!

Books/stories in the Eve Dallas/In Death series:

1. Naked in Death 
2. Glory in Death 
3. Immortal in Death 
4. Rapture in Death 
5. Ceremony In Death 
6. Vengeance in Death 
7. Holiday in Death
"Midnight in Death" (in Silent Night)
8. Conspiracy in Death 
9. Loyalty in Death 
10. Witness in Death
11. Judgment in Death 
12. Betrayal in Death 
"Interlude in Death" (in Out of This World)
13. Seduction in Death 
14. Reunion In Death 
15. Purity in Death 
16. Portrait in Death 
17. Imitation in Death 
Remember When (spin-off book with section featuring Eve)
18. Divided in Death
19. Visions in Death
20. Survivor 
in Death
Origin in Death 
22. Memory in Death 

"Haunted in Death" (in Bump in the Night)
23. Born in Death 
24. Innocent in Death
"Eternity in Death" (in Dead of Night)
25. Creation in Death 
26. Strangers in Death
"Ritual in Death" (in Suite 606)
27. Salvation In Death 
28. Promises in Death 
29. Kindred in Death 
"Missing in Death" (in The Lost)
30. Fantasy in Death 

31. Indulgence in Death
32. Treachery in Death
33. New York to Dallas
34. Celebrity in Death
35. Delusion in Death
36. Calculated in Death

37. Thankless in Death
38. Concealed in Death (2014)

"Eternity in Death" by J.D. Robb (from the anthology Dead of Night - Jove, 2007)

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