Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Insatiable by Meg Cabot

I checked this book out from my library's digital catalog because it was available, I needed ebooks to fill up my reader before going away, and Meg Cabot can be depended on for a decent read. I knew nothing about the book before I started reading - and I like it that way.

This one turned out to be a funny take on paranormal vampire romances. Our heroine is Meena Harper. She works as a writer for a soap opera, and she is very annoyed when her bosses decide that they need to jump on the vampire bandwagon and add a sexy vampire romance to the show. She thinks the idea of a supernatural angle is ridiculous (although she possesses her own supernatural ability). Meanwhile, her Romanian neighbor has fixed her up with a relative from out of town: a real-life modern-day prince. She's prepared to hate the man, but he turns out to be fascinating, charming, and...remarkably like the type of sexy vampire her bosses want her to write into the soap opera script.

This is a fun, humorous, light read. When I saw the direction the book was taking, I found myself expecting Cabot to take her parody a little further than it actually went - it seemed to waver between utter silliness and taking itself just a little too seriously - but it was a fun vacation read all the same. I didn't realize this book was part of a series (pretty silly of me, now that I think about it - what's not a series these days?), and at this point I don't think I feel the need to continue with the next book.

Book in the Insatiable series:
1. Insatiable
2. Overbite

Insatiable (#1 in the Insatiable series) by Meg Cabot (William Morrow, 2010)

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