Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Fool Moon

In this second installment of the Dresden Files, supernatural investigator Harry is called in to help the Chicago police department investigate a series of horrific murders. Enormous paw prints found at the crime scene, along with the fact that the crimes take place during the fullest phase of the moon, would appear to indicate the perpetrator is a werewolf. Could it be that simple? In Harry’s world, probably not.

I listened to the audio version of this one (as I did the first),and it is read by James Marsters, who does a great job with the hard-boiled first-person narration. I liked it, but I found my attention wandering a bit as I listened, partly due to the pacing, which seemed a bit uneven to me, but also due to the fact that I became impatient with Harry. He whines a lot about things, and he has a bad habit of withholding information for no good reason that I could see, which repeatedly erodes trust between him and Murphy, the police officer he works with (and secretly has the hots for). He seemed to get enough of a clue by the end of the book that I’ll probably continue with the series, because for the most part it’s a lot of fun. Customers at my library tell me that it gets better and better as it goes along, and I do like that in a series.

Books in The Dresden Files:
1. Storm Front
2. Fool Moon
3. Grave Peril
4. Summer Knight
5. Death Masks
6. Blood Rites
7. Dead Beat
8. Proven Guilty
9. White Night
10. Small Favor
11. Turn Coat
12. Changes
13. Ghost Story
14. Cold Days
Backup (A novella)
Side Jobs (a short story collection)
Love Hurts (an e-book short story)

Fool Moon  (#2 in the Dresden Files) by Jim Butcher; narrated by James Marsters (Buzzy Multimedia, 2003)

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