Friday, December 13, 2013

Takedown Twenty

When I show up at work to find a brand-new Stephanie Plum novel waiting for me on my desk, it's like finding a cupcake or a fudgy frosted brownie. I exclaim Hooray! and spend the next few hours impatiently waiting to crack the book open and find out what's been going on in Trenton since the last time I visited Stephanie and her quirky assortment of friends, family, co-workers, skips and, of course, romantic interests.

In this installment, Stephanie has incurred the wrath of just about everyone in town when she goes after an elderly man, a mobster known as "Uncle Sunny," who is wanted for murder (a witness captured the incident on his phone and posted it on YouTube, so there's no doubt about his guilt). He's a charming man who wears a bow tie, and not only is Stephanie not getting any help at all from anyone, they are actively opposing her in every way they can.  To make her life more complicated, her mother sets her up with the local butcher - and is encouraging Stephanie to quit her dangerous bounty hunter job and work at the butcher shop instead. Things are going so badly that Stephanie finds herself admitting that her mother might actually be right.

Fans of the Stephanie Plum series will find a lot to like here - plenty of Morelli and Ranger, Lula and even a giraffe. Humor abounds, but there are also some heartfelt moments and plenty of suspense. Anyone in the mood for a break from the stress and demands of life - particularly at this time of year - will find a welcome respite in Stephanie Plum's Trenton. The series is best read in order. Lots of fun!

Takedown Twenty (#20 in the Stephanie Plum series) by Janet Evanovich (Bantam Books, 2013)

Books in the Stephanie Plum series:
1. One for the Money
2. Two for the Dough
3. Three to Get Deadly
4. Four to Score
5. High Five
6. Hot Six
7. Seven Up
8. Hard Eight
9. To the Nines
10. Ten Big Ones
11. Eleven on Top
12. Twelve Sharp
13. Lean Mean Thirteen
14. Fearless Fourteen
Finger Lickin' Fifteen
16. Sizzling Sixteen

17. Smokin' Seventeen
18. Explosive Eighteen
19. Notorious Nineteen
20. Takedown Twenty


  1. I read the first book and haven't felt compelled to read on yet. Maybe one day!

  2. Kailana - The series certainly isn't for everyone. For some reason the humor just totally tickles me!


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