Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

This is one of the few books that I read after seeing the movie, and this is also one of the rare times that I have had difficulty deciding which one I liked better!

I hesitate to say too much about it, because it is fun to just let the story unfold and go with it. People who love zombie stories definitely need to read this one - and people who think they don't like zombie stories really should give it a try. It is told from the zombie's point of view - and in a funny, sensitive, very interesting sort of way. It involves romance, coming-of-age, humor, action, and, of course, some blood and dismemberment just for fun. Also there are echos of Romeo and Juliet. 

What's not to like? Give this one a try - you won't be sorry you did. Oh, and the movie? You really need to check that out as well. It's the most charming zombie movie you will ever see.

Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion (Atria Books, 2011)


  1. I will give this a try. Never heard of the movie before... (How are the Bujold books on audio?)

  2. I'd love to hear what you think of this one! And definitely check out the movie. I really enjoy the Bujold books on audio. Good reader. I've been dipping back into earlier ones for fun.

  3. I've yet to see the movie or read the book. I was going to give this one a pass, but if you think it's good then I'll have to try it.


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