Monday, May 12, 2014

Skinwalker by Faith Hunter

As hesitant as I am to try a new urban fantasy kick-ass heroine series, I find myself constantly taking the plunge because when this kind of book is good, it is so much fun. This one was recommended to me by a few people, so I thought I'd give it a go.

This first book in the Jane Yellowrock series has an interesting premise and features a likable protagonist. Our heroine is Jane, a shapechanging native American vampire hunter. She's been hired by a very old and powerful vampire to come to New Orleans and hunt down a rogue vampire, and she is determined to keep her own secrets from the vampires while she tries to hunt down an unusual and deadly creature.

I liked the premise, and the mystery is interesting. The writing is a bit uneven, with some narrative wandering and a bit too much description, which tended to lessen the tension during key moments. The concept of Jane's beast and her dual nature was handled well and gave the book some interesting complexity. I found her detective skills to be a little baffling, though - she tended to just sort of react cluelessly to what was going on and then stumble across pertinent information. I like to be extra charitable to the first book in a series, and while this had some issues for me, there was enough good stuff that I plan to give the second book a shot and see how things go.

Books in the Jane Yellowrock series:
1. Skinwalker (2009)
2. Blood Cross (2009)
3. Mercy Blade (2011)
4. Raven Cursed (2012)
5. Death's Rival (2012)
6. Blood Trade (2013)
7. Black Arts (2014)
8. Broken Soul (2014)

Skinwalker (#1 in the Jane Yellowrock series) by Faith Hunter (Roc, 2009)


  1. Thanks for the review! I had started reading this book a while back as part of a book club, and for some reason I just didn't finish it. I've had some other friends recommend this series so I will defintely try it again.

    1. Sometimes you just have to be in the right mood for a book, I think. Maybe it will go better next time!


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