Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Don of the Dead by Casey Daniels

One of the many mystery fans among the patrons at my library recommended this series to me, so I thought I'd give the first one a try. Our heroine is Pepper Martin, a once-rich girl reduced to working for a living after her father was convicted of fraud, the family fortune evaporated, and in the wake of these troubles, her fiancé dumped her. So now Pepper works as a cemetery tour guide.

Following an accident in which Pepper sustains a head injury, she can suddenly see ghosts - namely, the ghost of Mafioso Gus Scarpetti. Gus has some unfinished business, and when he realizes Pepper can see him, he refuses to leave her alone until she agrees to help him. Pepper finds herself on the trail of an unresolved mystery, and her own life becomes even more complicated by an attractive neurologist as well as a sexy cop.

What I liked: it was an interesting paranormal mystery, and the mafia boss was a fun and entertaining character. The mystery itself was solid and held my attention. What I didn't like so much: Pepper was kind of annoying, not terribly likeable, and if she'd had a more engaging voice I'd have been drawn into the book more quickly. Still, it's a promising start, and once the book got going, it was a fun read. I will probably give the second book a try.

Books in the Pepper Martin series:
1. Don of the Dead (2006)
The Chick and the Dead (2007)
Tombs of Endearment (2007)
Night of the Loving Dead (2008)
Dead Man Talking (2009)
Tomb with a View (2010)
A Hard Day's Fright (2011)
Wild Wild Death (2012)
Supernatural Born Killers (2012)

Don of the Dead (#1 in the Pepper Martin series) by Casey Daniels (Avon Books, 2006)

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