Saturday, June 27, 2015

Finnikin of the Rock by Marlena Marchetta

This is the best fantasy novel I have ready since Graceling.  I have read so much traditional/high fantasy in my life that it really takes something different, something gripping that is well written withe complex, sympathetic characters to hold my attention. Finnikin of the Rock has all that and more. While the main character is male, the female characters, particularly that of the mysterious Evanjalin, are strong, inspiring and admirable. This is a gripping tale that pulls no punches, and explores the best and worst of humankind the way only exceptional fantasy novels can.  Highly recommended.

Books in the Lumatere Chronicles:
1. Finnikin of the Rock
2. Froi of the Exiles
3. Quintana of Charyn

Finnikin of the Rock (#1 in the Lumatere Chronicles) by Melina Marchetta (Candlewick Press, 2008)

Also by Melina Marchetta: Jellicoe Road


  1. I tried this one, and wanted to like it so much, but I couldn't get into it. :( Maybe it was because I was using my ereader? I don't know. I was looking forward to it but something about it just wasn't clicking. :(

  2. I think you totally have to be in the right mood for this kind of book. It had been on my list for ages, and finally I felt like I could go for a dense fantasy novel - and it worked. I read mine on my ereader, too - sorry it didn't work for you!


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